Conceptual Imaging

This style if image can be used before a design is fully realised, it may only demonstrate mass and transparency rather than fine details and photorealism.
Often we will work from sketches rather than CAD drawings and Revit Models whilst undertaking significant design development work alongside producing the final visualisation.

photo real Imaging

It can also be referred to as a fully rendered image, or CGI . The image will be photorealistic using 2d and 3d elements to produce the final image. This type of imagery
allow more flexibility when selecting viewpoints compared with photomontages.


The images will be photorealistic and camera matched into a high resolution photograph. We ensure the visualisation will be a true representation of the completed building by adopting Accurate Visual Representation or (AVR) which uses GPS Survey data and 3d point cloud scans to camera match the view.

   animation & 360 DEGREE vr

Our 3d models can also be used to produce animations and motion graphics. We can render our animations at High Definition (HD) or 3d Stereoscopic to provide a fully immersive experience.


Building Information Modelling or BIM is fast becoming the standard within the construction industry. We have been working with BIM technologies and more specifically Revit for close to 10 years creating an efficient workflow. We can take Revit models and link them into our software whilst keeping the ability to update the Revit model if any changes occur.


We can provide the high resolution background photography for our photomontages and also provide marketing photography of the finished proposals. 


Post production techniques are used to enhance our animations. We can seamlessly combine video footage with our computer generated animations. Green screen footage can also be edited into the final presentation.


We use AVR to camera match photography which enables us to superimpose the proposals to a degree of accuracy. The process provides GPS data to fix the camera position and relevant points within the photograph to ensure accuracy. Recently we have been using cutting edge technology called 3d laser scanning or point cloud data to scan streetscapes where the laser scan provides millions of points
for reference.