PB Imaging is a creative visualisation company. We offer the highest quality still and moving imagery to aid planning approvals, bid proposals and for marketing purposes.
The company was created by Peter Bailey in 2011, prior to establishing the company he worked for over eight years for a large UK based architectural practice
working on national and international projects.


Our talented core of creative and architecturally trained people,have a passion for creating eye catching and emotive imagery. Our work covers all areas of the
construction industry from Inital concept models that help to engage and inform design, through to the marketing of the final proposal. We practice the use of Accurate
Visual Representation or AVR which ensures all of our work is a true representation of what will be built allowing an informed descision to be made.


Winner - RIBA Hadrian Award 2012 - Freeman Institute of Transplantation - Ryder Architecture Winner - RIBA Awards 2010 - Coopers Studios - Ryder Architecture Winner - RIBA Awards 2010 - Newcastle Central Library - Ryder Architecture